The Walking Dead - S3 Ep.1

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows--ever. I jump around like a six-year old when it's on television. I'm so impressed by the story and characters and makeup and effects...It's not scary, but gruesome (which I like) And what it does best is create tension; that constant underlying simmer between characters, the high stress of seeing loved ones devoured by the undead and the stark truth about every one's fate that no one wants to talk about but accepts.

It really is a great televisions series. I'm not going to recap seasons 1 and 2--I think everyone should just watch them. They're on Netflix and most likely on whatever 'on-demand' function your cable provider offers and there's always the Internet. What I do want to do is post my reaction and questions for each episode of the third season from now on, simply because I can...spoilers likely. Yes, I know this isn't exactly book-related. But it is a graphic novel (which I haven't read)

So briefly...

Episode 1: Seed

Would you rather be exposed to herds of the undead but have the freedom to move about OR be fortified within a confined space that offers security but will eventually run out of resources?

Listen, I personally wouldn't want to be confined anywhere with limited resources, but considering the circumstances of the group (ahem--Lori) they need the shelter. There has to be so many undead in the prison...but Rick has his mind made up, so whatever.

Whose bright idea was it to bring the old guy (who also happens to be the only trained medical person in the group) on a recon. outing?

Common sense, Rick! I blame everything bad that happens on Rick, but that's another discussion. I still don't understand why Herschel came with them...Why were they wandering dark hallways? Oh yeah, for food, medicine and ammo that may or may not be there. I just think Rick is doing too much right now. They have the courtyards, and one cell block--what more do you want?

Anyways, at this point I'm pretty sure Herschel is going to die. When your ACL is torn out by a zombie and then your lower leg is hacked off...you're going to bleed out and die. And those prisoners they stumbled upon? Bad news, Rick. Bad news.

Who is the lady with the dreads? And where did she get a Kitana?

I think it's a kitana...I could be wrong. She's taking care of Andrea. Not sure why. She seems to have everything under control with her undead pets. 

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