The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 3

Episode 3: Walk With Me

Welcome to Woodbury!

We spend this episode with Andrea and Michonne (formerly known as the lady with dreads) as they stumble upon Woodbury, a perfectly safe town, mostly free of walkers...bizarre, right? At first Andrea and Michonne are in a state of disbelief.  They meet a lot of new faces like the Governor, and one old one--Merle. Their disbelief switches to suspicion near the end, as the "Governor" is so obviously full of secrets...are we surprised? Well, no. Anyone who goes by Governor and is not an elected public official is suspect in my book. And Merle is a cyborg now...well not really, but he's using some sort of modified homemade bayonet for the forearm that he sawed off in Season 1. Merle is aiding the Governor with his twisted efforts...you can tell he misses his brother Daryl.  

I think I understand why the Governor did what he did with the military. Was it the right thing to do? No. Not by any means, when you're protecting almost 100 people in a town. But considering the fact that he's a power-hungry maniac, it makes sense. I'm also wondering how many other times he's done this--picking off small cells of people who threaten his position...What I don't understand is the purpose of his awkward scientist buddy. Is he going to try and use the walkers in the way that Michonne did...how much more does he know? 

Also even though Andrea's cautious, I think she wants to stay. Whereas Michonne just wants to get the hell out. I think Andrea wants to stay because she too seems a little power hungry and eager at times. I don't know, that could be reaching...but I also think that the Governor won't let them leave alive, so they might as well stay. 

The next episode looks great! We're back with Rick and the crew in the prison, and someone is playing mind games with them...I think it's whoever was watching Carol from the trees at the end of the last episode. I thought it was the Governor but now I don't know.

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