The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 2

Episode 2: Sick

Am I the only person that wanted Lori to get bit?

False alarm--Herschel isn't dead...yet. I really believed it was the end for him. And consequently, I hoped it would be the end of Lori. Her character is so damn self-righteous and annoying, and I wouldn't mind if she somehow didn't make it out of the prison. I know, I know--that's terrible considering her condition and all...but I sort of don't care.

I still don't think it makes logical sense for Herschel to survive or not turn, but I'm not a staunch undead purist, so it doesn't really ruin the rest of the story or anything for me.

Why did it take Rick so long to kill that crazy convict?

Okay, so when I saw the prisoners in the last episode I wasn't thrilled. Additions to group are bad because 1) This whole thing is about survival--more people equals less resources to go around and 2) Those prisoners are criminals; potential thieves, rapists and murderers. The only good news to take from them being there is the fact that they lasted in the prison for a really long time, almost a year...so it's secure and there's food somewhere. How much? I don't know.

But now Rick and the crew have to explain what's been going to the prisoners, give them a hands-on lesson on how to protect themselves, split the leftover food supply and clear out an additional cell block. Who has time for that? ugh. They need quick learning curves...

Yeah, so the one prisoner who was trying to tell Rick and crew what to do? The crazy one--the one that bashed his co-prisoner's head to pieces. Rick should have put him down when he started delegating who would be where and who got what. But no, Rick waits until he's almost been killed (on accident by the crazy guy) to get rid of him....dumb.

I can't wait to see episode 3. Apparently, there's a whole village of people still living with food and guns and a helicopter? Where the hell have they been?

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