Book Beginnings - The Bell Jar

Book Beginnings is a meme hosted by Rose City Reader. Share the first sentence (or so) of a book you are currently reading, along with your initial thoughts and impressions about the sentence or book. Remember to include the title of the book and the author AND link up at the Rose City Reader
It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn't know what I was doing in New York. 
First, I have yet to read a poem* by Sylvia Plath that I haven't relished--and what can I say other than, this is my type of beginning...I'm reading The Bell Jar for a TBR challenge this year. I don't know how I went so long without reading a book that is seemingly right up my alley...I haven't officially started reading it yet, but plan on cracking it open sometime this weekend.

*The Applicant (click to read a great poem)


  1. I LOVED this book...although it's been many years since I read it (in college), so a reread is in order. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I like this book, although it is depressing. I remember the figs in the tree analogy in there, because I once named a blog after it. Enjoy!