Reflections on May...and the first half of 2012.

First, enjoy this song by Arcade Fire - Month of May. It's on my "trampoline jumping" playlist.

The entire album is great by the way.

Now onto the real reason I'm posting -- May was a good month for me. I somehow managed to get through five books (...I'm kind of a slow reader). And in case you missed it (check out my reviews) I read:

Tomorrow is the first day of June and I have about six months or so to complete my challenges. This sounds very doable. Overall, I think I've maintained a good balance of reading according to my lists and random, mood-induced choices of books to read. Participating in three challenges gives me the right amount of freedom I want, but just enough pressure to venture out of my comfort zone. So what have I accomplished?

Smooth Criminals - 5/8:

Color Coded - 5/9:

European - 2/5:

I'm content with my progress so far...Right now, I'm halfway through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a quarter of the way through Prodigal Summer and Mockingjay is on deck on my Kindle. I've been feeling like I need some sci-fi or fantasy in my life, so I'll probably head in that direction with my reading in the not so distant future. That's about it for now -- hasta luego.

* = read this book one day.


  1. "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" is intense. lol There were some pages I skipped because I couldn't handle putting that stuff in my brain.

    1. Haha. I think I know what you mean about intense...there are certain perversions in the story that made me wince a little. It's good so far though.

  2. I read The Moonstone for a college class, and I enjoyed it. I haven't read the Woman in White, which I can see from your review was your preference, so I'll have to read that sometime.

    How's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so far? I just picked up a copy, and I've seen the Swedish movie, which was pretty good.

    1. The Moonstone was so dry and so slow. It took me a very long time to power through it. I wish I had read it in college, and then maybe a professor or classmates could have convinced me that it was decent.

      The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is pretty good. The pace is picking up, the mystery is intriguing and the characters are fun. Although, I'm still waiting for the 'thriller' element. I'm sure it's there -- I have 300 pages left to find it.