The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 12

Episode 12: Clear

Family Vacation!
Okay, not really. Not even close to one....it would be the most dysfunctional and morbid 'family' trip ever...Rick takes Michonne and Carl out to scout for supplies. Rick chooses to take Michonne more so because he doesn't trust her. Carl shares similar feelings...I think their first stop is in the town Rick and Carl or from...I didn't realize it was so tiny. Literally looks like a town of population 100. Anyways, there doesn't seem to be any guns or food.

She speaks. 
Michonne. She has a voice, she uses her words--finally. And shows us some p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y. She's been so blah and angry up until this point. Small breakthrough in her character development. I'd love to see more. 

Enter Morgan. 
I have to admit. I was shocked to see him again. I wasn't sure when/if they were going to reintroduce him into the show. Morgan has survived and has booby trapped the town to prevent anyone or anything from entering. Rick should take some pointers from him...Morgan has also stashed away what seems to be all the remaining ammunition and weaponry in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This should be good for Rick, Michonne and Carl, except for one thing: Morgan has lost it. Completely. His only function is to 'clear'--eliminate. I thought Rick had it pretty bad, but no, Morgan is on an entirely different level. Fortunately, it works out that when Rick sees what Morgan has become, he realizes what he has to fight for and that he can no longer be a space cadet.

Carl's quest.
In their hometown, Carl feels the need to make his own run alone...to put his life in danger to acquire something. Michonne tags a long for added protection and somehow they end up bonding. It's weird...I understand symbolically why this quest is important to Carl, but realistically--this is the zombie apocalypse! No picture is worth all that. Just sayin'

This is easily the most impressive, most emotional, the best episode this season...and potentially one of the best of the series. Lennie James, really breathes life into Morgan's character and brings something that's been missing this season. You can pull quote after quote from his speech to Rick. Really fantastic.

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