The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 11

Episode 11: I Ain't a Judas

Call Rick on his bullshit
Everyone's doing it! As they should...well by everyone I mean Hershel and Carl (in his corny, sad little way). But that's enough. Rick needs to wake the fook up! While I don't think he needs to stop being the leader (silly Carl) I think he needs to reevaluate their situation because for some reason he thinks they'll fair another attack by the Governor. No. No and No. He's training an army Rick...

Andrea. Stop. Just Stop. 
Her reasoning, her logic and most of all, her timing are wrong. I can't even...she's about to be on the same plane as Lori, as far as my wanting her to survive. That is all.

Can we dedicate a moment to the walker mutilation in the forest via Andrea with the axe? 

Karma Rick, Karma.
Yeah so the small group he kicked out of the prison somehow came across Andrea, who told them about Woodbury. They go to Woodbury and meet the Governor. Now the Governor has a map of the prison. Great. Things just keep working in his favor. 

My questions: (1) Am I the only one who thinks the Governor is going to kill Andrea? (2) What the hell is wrong with Andrea??

This episode was better than last, but next week's episode looks even better. I apologize for all the Andrea-hate...well not really. 

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