The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 9

Episode 9 - The Suicide King

It's back! AMC's The Walking Dead. We waited, what? three months for the second half of season three. And there was a lot packed into one episode. Some good and some bad. 

Crew shakeup
Okay, so the first five minutes after Rick and the crew escape Woodbury, there's a big argument over who's staying and who's going--Merle and Michonne that is. When all is said and done, Daryl ends up leaving with his brother, Merle, because nobody likes or trusts Merle and they won't want him at the prison Also, Michonne is only allowed temporary citizenship in the prison. I don't like how Rick is treating her right now. Without her, he wouldn't have been able to rescue Glenn and Maggie. The group needs Daryl and I don't see how just the two of them can make it out there on their own. 

Andrea, Governor of Woodbury?
I'm still not sure what the hell Andrea is doing in Woodbury. She found out the Governor was keeping Glenn and Maggie hostage behind her back and she still stuck around. Not to mention, the Governor has gone completely over the deep end, and doesn't give a damn about her or anybody else in the town...The townspeople are all sheep, so if Andrea wants the position she'll probably get it. What she lacks in sound decision-making, she makes up for in communicative skills. I'm not sure how this will end up. 

Lovebirds no more. 
Maggie is obviously distancing herself from Glenn. I think this is because she sees how savage he's become after the incident with the walkers and the Governor. I also think she's come to the realization that even with Glenn, she's not as safe as she thought she'd be. I don't know. It's weird. I actually support this romance or whatever it is.

Lori's ghost
In the midst of deciding whether to let the newcomers to the prison stay, Rick has another hallucination. The first time it was Lori phoning the prison, this time it's her wearing a long, white, Grecian-style gown, in the shadows ::sigh:: I don't get it. I didn't like her character alive, I won't like the phantom of her character. Once again, Rick needs to get it together. The Governor is plotting an invasion and their numbers are down.  

My questions: (1) Does Rick still think the baby is his? and (2) Why does Michonne care so much about Andrea? 

 Next week's episode looks equally as busy. Can't wait.

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