The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 5

Episode 5: Say the Word

Woodbury: Walker Technology and Entertainment Capital

I'm still not sure of the 'research' they're doing at Woodbury. They've got a few held captive within Woodbury (hidden of course) and a well off site, where it seems the Governor's cronies go fishing for them...but why? Michonne said something very interesting to Andrea in an argument this episode. Something to the effect of: you don't leave until they make you. So I'm thinking until they make you--as in turn you into a walker. All subversives and defectors within Woodbury are turned into Biters? Could be a stretch, but the Governor is capable of many things (except controlling Michonne) and full of many secrets. I can't believe so many people in Woodbury were excited about that party. How bizarre! Michonne is right--time to get the hell out. 

Rick is temporarily unavailable

Okay, he's lost it. He's decided to go on a solo trip and cleanse the entire prison of any remaining walkers. Just him, his axe and his pistol...great. He won't acknowledge anyone, not even his newborn child. I mean c'mon Rick. The group needs you. You're the leader...meanwhile Daryl steps up, but I still don't think this baby is going to make it.

Ring, Ring? 

Apparently, someone is alive and of all the places in the world to call, they've decided to phone the prison. Rick has a moment of clarity and answers it, but we won't know anything else until the next episode--which is fine with me. Some of my friends said this episode was 'weird' but I thought it was appropriate because it still moved the story along. I think everyone was so on edge from last week's episode, they didn't know what to expect, or were expecting more carnage. But we needed a transition episode and a glimpse into the future (which came in the form of a phone call)

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