The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 4

Episode 4: Killer Within

Holy sh*t, I didn't expect that

I honestly have no idea how I went almost an entire week before posting anything resembling a reaction to this episode.

It was one the best things I've ever seen.

The entire episode I was yelling out some variation of: "Oh Nooooooo!" or "Oh my gosh!!!"

Seriously. It was that awesome.

...and in the end, I even teared up a bit because I felt bad for Rick (very good acting there)  He is no doubt a broken man now.  I still don't understand why Lori had to have a c-section. Why couldn't she have the baby the old-fashioned way? Part of me thinks she wanted to die...which was okay by me. But now without a mom, this baby doesn't have a great chance of surviving either. Also Carl is all hardened and soulless after shooting his mother blah blah blah. And then T-dog--I was bummed he died too. However, he did last longer than I (and probably everyone else) thought he would. Luckily it seems the group will have another resident black man very soon.

I can't believe that prisoner set those gates open. I don't know how he survived because I thought he was surrounded by walkers and bitten in a previous episode...curious.

There were some scenes with Merle, Andrea and Michonne in Woodbury, but I didn't care so much about that. 

I wonder who will die next. That's what I love about this show; no one is too important to die. Everyone's light will be put out.

The next episode looks like a good one too. Rick seems to have lost his mind. 

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