What's Next

I haven't read anything for the Smooth Criminals Challenge in a while. I read most of the books for this challenge earlier in the year. I only need to read two more books to complete it, and I'm saving a particular one for the end of the year...Anyways my next few books will all be challenge related.

Smooth Criminals - Writer who did time

Color-coded - Brown

Color-coded - Blue


  1. Say What!! There is a Smooth Criminal Challenge? where at? No, I'm kidding, i'm in so many now that I revamped my own challenge. I might have to do this color-coded challenge too.
    sign up for my challenge, its not really a challenge but for those in challenges.

    1. I'll check out your challenge. I might be able to fit in another.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Walter Mosley's the man :) Good pick on Jean Genet also. One of the most underrated writers in French Lit. Most probably because he spent his time writing and not claiming how great he was. Looking forward to your review.

    1. I'm going to read all of Mosley's stuff. I've heard nothing but good things about his writing. And on Genet, I never heard of him until I did a search on books for your challenge. Our Lady of the Flowers sounds so awesomely crazy, I can't not read it.