The Walking Dead - S3 Ep. 8

Episode 8: Made to Suffer

Who are these new people?
The group from the opening scenes, the ones carrying around shovels and machetes...I'm wondering about their background and how they survived. If they've always been that small of a group or if they've had casualties. I'm wondering how they'll fit in with Rick and the crew. I don't think Rick will want them to join. Too many outsiders. First the prisoners, then Michonne...and Daryl is gone. I don't know. Maybe he'll allow them to join because his own numbers are dwindling...hard to say. Meanwhile, Carl is stepping up. Kudos to the corniest character on the show. Oh yeah, and they need to cull the woman that got bit. 

Glenn + Maggie = most hardcore couple ever.
Glenn detaches a walker's arm (with his bare hands!) and gives the ulna (I have no idea if that's the right bone) to Maggie as a weapon. Maggie then proceeds to stab the sharpened bone into the jugular of one of the captors. Badass. 

Michonne versus the Governor
I was a little worried about the end result of their scuffle, but I should have known better--Michonne can hold her own. Nothing like glass in the eye socket...and then Andrea walks in completely unaware and misinformed--annoying as usual.

Daryl versus Meryl
Thanks to the lying and conniving of the Governor, it seems there will be a face-off between brothers. I'm team Daryl all the way. He's the better brother, obviously. He's also another one of my favorite characters. He can't die...well he can, but it would upset me, gravely. Who's going to kill walkers with a crossbow and infinite amount of arrows?! No one, but Daryl. 

Mid season finale
This episode was it. What the hell am I supposed to do on Sundays at 9pm now? And then we have to wait until February for more episodes. FEBRUARY!

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