Bookstore Finds

When I was a pre-teen I read the first book in the trilogy, Sabriel, and I loved it! I read part of the second one, Lirael, and never finished the trilogy...but I can't remember why I didn't finish it. Anyways, I found the Abhorsen Chronicles in my local bookstore; each book is bound into one big book. I'm really excited to reread and finish it.

One of my friends and I both bought this very same bookmark at the store together...well actually, I picked it out first and then she decided she wanted the same one. Its an awesome bookmark, so I didn't mind. Fast forward a year or so and my friend loses her bookmark in an airport or somewhere like that. Since she lost it, I was going to send her a new one, but every time I would go in the store, they either didn't have these bookmarks or they didn't have the right color. I've checked like 6 times and was going to concede by purchasing a different color; but today I checked one more time and they had the one I needed. I'm really happy it was there because I was getting annoyed. 

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett. What I've selected to pique my interest in mystery novels. 

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